Personal Data Protection

The administration and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of kentia.gr services is subject to the terms of the present section as well as to the relevant provisions of Greek (Law 2472/1997 for the protection of the individual from the processing of data of personal character, as supplemented with the decisions of the President of the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of Law 2819/2000) and European law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).
The present terms are set out in consideration not only of the rapid developments of technology and in particular of the Internet, but also of the existing – although not fully developed – framework of legal regulations in relation to these matters. Within this context, any relevant regulation will form part of the present section. In any case kentia.gr reserves the right to modify the terms on the protection of personal data following notification to the visitors/user and within the existing or potential legal framework. If a visitor / user does not agree with the terms on the protection of personal data that are provided in the present section must not use the services of kentiamore.gr.

Kentia.gr collects personal data when the visitor/user a) subscribes to its services, b) uses its products and/or services and c) visits its pages and/or enters its promotional/advertising programs.
During the visitor / user’s registration at kentia.gr the requested information are as follows: Name/ Company Name – Address (for individuals) / Company registered seat – P.C. – Telephone – fax – e-mail address – TIN – Tax Office – City – Country – Year of Birth – Profession – Credit card details.
Kentia.gr uses the personal data of its visitors/ users/members for four general purposes:
a)    for the issuing of the relevant invoices which are kept in the financial records of KENTIA SA
b)    for the informative support of its customers/ users and the selection of content it offers them, so that it is relevant to their general preferences
c)    the satisfaction of the customers/users’ demands at any given time in relation the services and the products provided by and through kentiamore.gr
d)    to provide information on new offers available on the services and products.

kentia.gr enables users/members to delete their personal data, to correct and/or update them and/or suspend their registration at any given time, by simply visiting the relevant service of kentiamore.gr.
KENTIA SA undertakes not to sell, lease or in any way publish and/or disclose the visitors / users / members of kentia.gr personal data to any third party. Kentia.gr may disclose its visitors / users / members of kentia.gr personal data to third legal and/or natural persons, only if:
a) kentia.gr has the express consent of the visitors / users / members for the disclosure of personal data;
b) Disclosure of personal data to legal and/or natural third parties that are in cooperation with kentia.gr is deemed necessary for the execution of the expectations and/or orders of the users / members. The legal and natural persons that cooperate with kentia.gr have the right to process the personal data that the users / members of kentia.gr disclose to them and to the extent that is absolutely necessary for the provision of support to kentiamore.gr;
c) Mandated due to compliance with the relevant provisions of law and solely towards the competent authorities.

The visitor / user interested in advertising in the present website, in order to obtain all relevant information, should complete in the relevant application the following information: Name/ Company name – Telephone – e-mail – URL of the website to be advertised. Kentia.gr is not responsible for the policy of protection of personal data followed by parties advertised in its website during their transactions with the visitors – users – customers – members of their services.

kentia.grmay use cookies for the identification of the visitor / user of certain services and pages. Cookies are small text “files”, which are stored in the visitor / user’s hard drive and acquire no knowledge of any document or file from the visitor / user’s private computer. They are used only to facilitate the visitor / user’s access to specific services of kentia.gr and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which the Company’s services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The visitor / user of kentia.gr may set up his browser in such a way as to either be warned about the use of cookies in specific services of the website, or to refuse to accept the use of cookies at any time.  Where the visitor / user of specific services and pages of kentia.gr elects not to use cookies for his identification, he cannot gain further access to such services.

Kentia.gr includes links (hyperlinks) to other websites which are not controlled by it but by third parties (natural or legal persons). In no case is kentia.gr responsible for the terms of protection of personal data that such websites adhere to.

For the use of the e-commerce services of kentia.gr by the member / user the following data is required: Name / Company name -  address of natural person / registered seat of company – P.C. – Telephone – e-mail – fax – TIN – Tax office – City – Country – Credit Card details. The above information is also required for the issuing of the relevant invoices (tax) and retained in the financial records of KENTIA SA. Kentia.gr may utilize – process the data collected during the users transactions in order to record the interests of the customers and to make new offers, unless the user / member of such services requests such offers not to be made. Information relating to the visitor / user – customer – member interests cannot ever be disclosed to third parties except in those exceptions expressly referred to in the present agreement.

The Credit Card that the visitor / user will use for the payment of services / subscriptions of kentiamore.gr, shall be charged only for a single time and only for the specified transaction unless the visitor – user – customer – member has chosen the automated charge of his credit card each time his subscription or the service in which he participates is renewed.
Kentia.gr is not responsible for the personal data terms of use adopted by the financial institutions with which it cooperates for the completion of the commercial transactions.

For granting the visitor / user an email address for accessing specific services of kentia.gr the following information is requested: Name, Surname, Street, Number, City, P.C., Telephone, Year of Birth, Profession, e-mail address. Such information is not ever disclosed to third parties except those exceptions expressly referred to in the present agreement, while the holder of the email address must ensure the secrecy of the access code in the service and not to disclose it to third parties.
Kentia.gr has no control over the content of email messages send and received from and by the visitors / users through the email address provided by the company. Kentia.gr maintains a record with the above email addresses and may send messages of informative and financial character to holders unless the latter do not wish so. Any use of the email address by its holder is accompanied by an information note informing him for the protection of the data sent or received and the solving of any problems.

The IP address, through which the visitor / user ’s computer accesses the internet and then kentia.gr, is recorded for technical reasons and is utilized exclusively and solely for the collection of statistical data.

Visitors / users of the Company that are minors are not allowed access to the services of kentia.gr that may be considered inappropriate for minors and cannot be controlled by the Company. In each unit or service that may contain inappropriate / offensive / immoral material there is a warning to visitors/users. If however users that are minors voluntarily visit pages with inappropriate / offensive / immoral material, which cannot be continuously checked, kentia.gr bears no liability.