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Payment methods

On completion of your purchase, we offer four (4) means of payment to select the one that serves you best: 
1. Upon Delivery
In case of delivery at the address indicated, you may provide payment to the employee of the courier company. In case you pick up your order in one of our ten stores, you may pay at the time of delivery. 

2. With bank transfer / deposit 
NATIONAL BANK : ΙΒΑΝ: GR38 0110 1920 0000 1924 7039 282
Account Number: 192/470392-82
PIRAEUS BANK : ΙΒΑΝ: GR35 0172 1020 0051 0203 7051 310  
Account Number: 5102/037 051 310
ALPHA BANK :  IBAN: GR79 0140 8030 8030 0200 2008 905
Account Number:   803 002 002 008905
EUROBANK :  IBAN: GR09 0260 2020 0003 1020 1302 201 
Account Number:  0026.0202.31.0201302201

When depositing, you should give the bank agent your full name and the code number or the orders numbers, if more than one, to fill in as the reason for making the deposit.
After completing the deposit / transfer, you must send us a copy of the bank transfer via fax 210  4830508 or by email or contact our call centre at 210 48 17888 in order to inform us for the completion of the process.
Upon receipt of a valid copy of the deposit of the total amount due, the process for processing and confirming your order is followed and the relevant email messages are sent to you. If within three (3) working days we have not received the aforementioned items, then your order is deemed void.

3. By Credit Card
If you have a credit card VISA, MasterCard , Euro line you may use it securely through our order form. Your credit card details will not be sent back to Κ To ensure the absolute safety of the electronic transactions through credit cards, they are executed through the security system of Eurobank, which supports a secure environment for transactions. 

4. Online payment via PayPal.
PayPal is a universally accepted method of electronic transactions. Is the safest and easiest way of sending money online without the users’ details of debit or credit cards or bank accounts or other financial information becoming known. In so doing you can rest assured that your purchase will take place in the most secure manner. 
Note: Mandatory is the issuing of a receipt of retail sales payment or a sales invoice.  A sales invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, if they provide during their order their full details: Company Name, TIN, Tax Office, registered seat address and profession.