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Delivery Information


    We ship your orders with courier facilities
  • For purchases of 60,00€ and more, shipment fees are not charged (FREE)  
  • For purchases under 60,00€, paid with a credit card or PAYPAL, there is a shipment cost 3,50€
  • For purchases under 60,00€, paid by a bank transfer, there is a shipment cost 3,50€
  • For purchases under 60,00€, paid by cash on delivery, there is a shipment cost 5,50€
    For Cyprus
  • For purchases of 120,00 € and more shipment fees are not charged (FREE)  
  • The shipment cost for purchases up to 120,00 € is 13,00 € 
  • All purchases that are to be shipped to Cyprus must be paid with credit card, paypal or bank transfer

Time of Delivery of Orders

The delivery of your parcels is done Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from  09:00 to 15:00.

If you wish for your delivery to be done specific times (morning delivery 09.00-14.00 or afternoon delivery 14.00-19.00)
we would recommend for your convenience to report this in the relevant note field appearing in the final stage “Completion of Order” of your purchase. 

Regarding the delivery of your order, KENTIA will send you, via email, the trucking number and the Courier facility that has your order. You can access information about the exact stage in which your order is and the exact time of delivery, through the courier’s webpage. is not responsible for any delays in the delivery of the products, when the process involves imponderables. Indicatively, will not be responsible for any delays in delivery, due to intermediate loading – unloading areas, strikes of means of transportation or other kind of strikes that may affect the transfer of goods. In such event, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for a new delivery date.

Although we have taken every care for your information for any unavailability of a product, the probability exists that an unexpected shortage or unavailability of a product exists, for which the company, as already mentioned, bears no responsibility. However, even in such a case, will contact you in order to inform you, as soon as that is feasible, for the new time of delivery of the product you selected and is temporarily unavailable. If the product you selected is accidentally not announced by us that it is on temporary shortage or suspension, then again we shall contact you to arrange for the delivery of another product or for the cancellation of your order at no cost for both parties and for the interest-free refund of any money already paid within a reasonable time frame, without the company subsequently bearing absolutely any liability.