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Company Profile  
Company Profile
KENTIA SA was established in 1977 and is today one of the leading manufacturers in the field of home linen textiles in Greece.

KENTIA is a vertical manufacturing company which imports “grey cloth” fabric to Greece in the high quality structures desired, such as percales 200TC and from this stage on supervises in thorough the remaining technical phases ( printing of in house designs, finishing of fabrics like easy care treatments, reactive prints etc until cutting and stitching processes). This gives the company the flexibility to have production right on demand for all product categories. In all the levels of production, KENTIA gives thorough quality control inspection to make sure that KENTIA products are legally holding quality certificate assurance for the end consumer.

Apart from product quality ΚΕΝΤΙΑ can today be very proud of the aesthetic level it has achieved in the design department. Reports from some very significant customers in Europe and Middle East , mention: - designs clear, stylish, pleasing to the eye
- themes of designs completely new, both for taste and colour combinations
- designs suitable for a multiplicity of types of interiors
- print quality that can really compete with important names from Italy etc.

KENTIA keeps constant contact with international forums on design and trends and bases its collections on books and printed material like Promostyle & Peclair Styleguides. These are the backbones on which every season the collection is based upon. Furthermore some designs are purchase from acknowledged Italian and French Design Studios like: Giacomo Barzaghi, Junitim, Laurencon & Marie, Bruckert Creations, Wish List (Paul Singleton) and others, so as to make a collection competitive and attractive to European markets as well.

Quality and design and sure the basic components of a standout collection and will provide increase in turnover, marketability and recognition of a company. These are actually the add in factors that worldwide organizations focus upon to present in shows like Frankfurt Fair and place companies in designated areas such as “Dreamland Area” for KENTIA. This area involves participations of high aesthetic standards achieved from global companies with numerous participations and gives us pried for Greek companies to achieve such recognized standards.

Until today the export capacity of KENTIA included neighbor countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Rumania in high level areas of living so that the brand name stood in the rank it deserved. Nowadays, the export capacity of KENTIA has extended to Cyprus, Middle East (Libanon and United Emirates) as well as started cooperation with acknowledged wholesale companies in Brussels and other European cities. Soon we believe we will pride our product recognition in more European markets at high level stores.

The technical know-how , the organization, the infrastructure, the consistency and above all the quality standards are the basic characteristics of KENTIA’s successful course in the market of home linen products.